Kelsey Stratford

Kelsey Stratford has been climbing her way to stardom for years now thanks to her eye-catching stint on “The Only Way is Essex.” Currently she has a whopping 163k Instagram followers. Her content is fashion-forward and fun, with plenty of photos showcasing her style and personality. She also owns a beauty salon called “The Essex Facial Company”.

Social Media

Elevation PR team have been working with Kelsey very closely since signing her in September 2021. With her stunning looks and amazing business savvy, she has the right stuff to become a major influencer. However, what stands out about Kelsey more than anything else is her undeniable giving spirit.  Using her fame as a springboard, Kelsey has become an official charity ambassador for SMA UK, where she works to spread awareness of this rare disease. Of course, we couldn’t be more excited to have Kelsey on our team and look forward to helping her further establish her Instagram brand.

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