Connecting great brands to great Influencers

About Us

Our Female ran business was founded in 2016 by Director Joanna Lawrence as Brand Development and Talent Agency. We exclusively represent talent from TV shows such as ITV2’s Love Island, MTV’s Geordie Shore and some sensational Instagram Babes.

We offer all of our talent a quick and professional service securing work for their careers by means of Social Media Endorsements, Personal Appearances, TV and press work.

Elevation PR have the reputation of being one of the leading celebrity and influencer booking agents.

We are also proud to have amazing relationships with so many brands.

We’re not just an Agency

Every quarter Director Joanna treats her staff and clients to a special events as she understands the importance of forgetting work and just having fun. There is a lot of pressure on influencers, reality stars and management and it’s necessary to let of steam. 

The life of an Agent and Influencer never ends, theres always new brand content to create, an Instagram post needed or a deal to close, meaning most work outside usual business hours. 

Disney Land Paris

December 2018 Joanna treated her Girl Gang to a trip to Disney Land Paris for a few days, the trip was a complete surprise and they were just told to just bring their passport, how exciting. 

We spent days in the park wearing Minnie ears and hats, riding rollercoasters, eating pancakes, enjoying private meet and greets with Cinderella and Belle, every girls dream right?

During our get togethers it’s great to see our girls share experiences and provide advice on being an influencer and how they deal with negative side of social media. The girls really do support one another and these trips allow them to speak to others who can really relate. 

We like to reward the effort with regular appreciation days.

In March 2019 the team were taken to London to have brunch at the stunning Elan Cafe, where they were all provided with gifts to help with their work.

Our Services

Social Media

  • Social Media Endorsement
  • Social Media Management
  • Negotiations
  • Brand PR Lists


  • New business set up
  • Banking & Finances
  • Personal Appearances
  • Events
  • Identity building with press
  • Diary Management
  • Profile Management
  • Attendance to events
  • Modelling


  • Website building
  • Creation of a Youtube Channel
  • Logo Creation
  • Styling